What is rubber powder used for?

Nowadays, there are more and more scrap tires, and how to use these scrap tires has become an urgent problem. Processing waste tires into tire rubber powder is an important way to recycling waste tires. Different production methods produce tire rubber powder with different fineness and different application fields.

  • 5-10 mesh: runway, school sports field, garden path, bowling alley, sidewalk, compound rubber floor tiles, anti-static floor tiles, artificial turf, playground, artificial grass soccer field, kindergarten sports field and recreation ground tennis and basketball court.
  • 10-20 mesh: rubber floor tiles, plastic runway, lawn quartz sand, cottonseed pellet meal, tennis courts, volleyball courts, golf courses, airplane courts, basketball courts and recreation fields, EPDM safety mats, gym floor mats, all kinds of court mats.
  • 30 mesh: insulating rubber, waterproof material, shockproof, gasket, waterproof membrane for roof and wall, modified bitumen additive, recycled rubber, livestock grass mat, fender, multifunctional mat, horse stall mat.
  • 40 mesh: recycled rubber, waterproofing membrane, modified asphalt additives, carpet liner, sleeper, rubber sheet, livestock straw mat, rubber water stop, gate water stop, bearing, seal, buffer, brake gate liner, drain, glove, rubber band, elastic band, roof sign, brick object roof liner, sanitary pump, wall corner rubber, wheel, sand pump rubber mat, fender, multi-functional mat, horse stall mat, flame retardant material, sound insulation materials, rubber and plastic bottom, window sealing tape and other rubber products and agricultural rubber (latex) products.
  • 60 mesh: replace the original rubber to produce sleepers, rubber sheets, waterproof rolls, recycled rubber, tire inner gasket, car body under seal, waterproof ring, rubber miscellaneous products.
  • 80 mesh: modified asphalt additives, recycled rubber, waterproofing rolls, large and small tire additives, sleepers, deceleration road arches, seals, buffers, foam rubber, pearl cotton pads, rubber pistons, brake brake bushings and other rubber products.
  • 100 mesh: automobile bias tire auxiliary material, special filler for shoe making, sports equipment tires.
  • 120 mesh: plastic pipe additive for insulation materials, auxiliary material for automobile bias tires, outer mat for automobile refurbishment, filler for shoe-making, chemical sealant, rubber osmosis agent.
  • 200 mesh: building materials coating, automobile tires, replace raw rubber to make various rubber products. It can also be recycled waste oil, and then buried deep underground.

Complete Line for Tyre Recycling Business

Tire Recycling Plant For Rubber Granules/Rubber Powder Making

Harvest Machinery offers a complete line of tire shredders and recycling equipment, which are designed to process scrap tires for recycling and reuse in a variety of applications.

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