6 Positive Ways To Make A Difference At Work

Follow our six tips for making a difference at work. The results may not be reflected in your performance, but they could help you get ahead in your career – and offer you plenty of personal rewards.

Take a look at our six suggestions to help you make a difference at work and brighten a colleague’s day.

1) Praise good work

Be generous with praise. We all like to be recognized for our efforts, so don’t be afraid to let your colleagues know they’ve done a great job. If you’re a manager, foster a work culture that publicly recognizes employees who do well – it’s a habit that can bring out the best in people.

2) Help a new co-worker

Think back to your first few days at the company. It can be a stressful and lonely time. You have the opportunity to help a new colleague enjoy this transition by reaching out and making them feel welcome.

3) Invite a co-worker to lunch

Take the time to go out for coffee or lunch outside the office with a colleague. It’s a great way to develop a good relationship with co-workers, and helps foster camaraderie within your team.

4) Say thank you

Who would think that a simple word could have such a powerful impact? When a colleague helps you with a project or even something non-work related, be sure to thank them, and return the favor in the future.

5) Keep the office clean

A work environment should encourage new ideas and productivity, but a cluttered workspace can make it difficult for ideas to flow freely. Show the respect you have for your workplace by taking the initiative to help keep the office clean.

6) Instruct a co-worker

Help a co-worker learn a new skill, whether it’s a simple trick to perform a daily duty better or manage a larger task. They will appreciate your willingness to help their performance, and the gesture will show your boss that you are a team player who cares about the team.

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