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As a professional tire recycling machine manufacturer, we can provide a variety of tire processing equipment such as tire shredders, rubber granulators and rubber mills. Our systems deliver optimum production performance and profitability at the industry’s most affordable costs for TDS (Tire Derived Shreds), wire free chips, rubber mulch, crumb rubber, and fine rubber powder, used in a variety of applications worldwide.

Tire Shredder for Sale

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Tire shredders are mainly used to process whole tires into coarse chips for disposal or further processing into tire-derived aggregates (TDA), tire-derived fuel (TDF) or feedstock for the production of rubber granules.

The twin shaft shredder is a low or high speed initial shredder and is typically the first industrial machine for scrap raw material processing. It cuts the raw material into manageable sizes, with a typical twin shaft shredder discharge being 2′-6′ inch pieces of rubber for further use or processing.

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The waste tire recycling system uses room temperature physical method to dispose of waste tires by shredding, steel wire separation, crushing and fiber separation to make the waste tires into usable products. According to different application requirements, waste tires can be processed into rubber blocks, rubber mulch, rubber granules and rubber powder. The overall structure of the waste tire recycling disposal system is compact, with the advantages of low noise, high output, low energy consumption, simple operation and uniform discharge, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.

How to recycle used tires

Tire chips (≈50mm)
Tire chips are produced from coarse tire debris using the same primary shredder with screening and recirculation equipment. Tire chips of this size can be sold as tire-derived fuel (TDF) or used in the production of crumb rubber and fine rubber.

Wire-free rubber chips (≈38-16 mm)
Tire chips that do not contain steel are also known as rubber mulch. The material can be used primarily for landscape design and playgrounds, rather than traditional mulch. Thorough magnetic separation of steel can increase the value of the product.

Crumb rubber (≈16-3 mm and smaller)
Crumb rubber is a fiber-free and non-steel particle that can be used in molding products such as playground MATS, rubber bricks, traffic safety equipment, rubber asphalt, synthetic turf, rubber flooring, sound insulation boards, porous drainage systems, etc.

Fine rubber powder (≈0.85-0.15 mm)
Fine rubber powder is a high quality and high price material, 99.9% metal free, 99.9% fiber free.
Fine rubber powder can be used in sealing, liquid and spray coatings, membranes, insulation systems, thermoplastic elastomer mixtures, automotive appliances, rubber-modified asphalt, and many other areas of civil engineering.

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