Used tire shredder machine for sale

What is a tire shredder?

Tire shredder is a twin-shaft shredder, it is for large tires, large quantities of tire shredding processing equipment, tire shredder applications for all tires, wire tires, steel wire tires (radial tires) and a variety of waste rubber products, shredding after the formation of rubber blocks, with rubber shredder, can be produced into rubber granules or rubber powder.


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Working principle of tire shredding machine

Scrap tires themselves have a high recycling value. By the rubber, carbon black, steel wire together constitute the waste tires, each part can be recycled, through the rubber shredder production line processing project can make the waste tires get fully shredded, cut, grinding powder, get rubber powder, rubber granules, metal steel wire and other products. These rubber granules rubber powder is widely used in all kinds of plastic runway, insulator manufacturing, flame retardant material manufacturing, etc.

Through the tire shredder directly crushed, and then through the steel wire separator, magnetic separator to complete the separation of steel wire rubber. And then by the tire cutting machine, rubber crusher, magnetic separator, screening machine, grinding machine together, and finally get the desired rubber powder or rubber granules, complete the recycling of tires.


  • Tire shredder with high working intensity and strong crushing capacity;
  • Tire shredder with vibrating screen, magnetic separator can achieve automatic separation of rubber, steel wire, nylon fiber and other materials;
  • The shredder tool adopts high-strength alloy knife, high strength, toughness, easy maintenance.

How much is a tire shredding machine?

The price of a tire shredder is about 10,000-50,000 US dollars.

The price of the tire shredder is determined by the configuration of the machinery, which in turn is based on the feeding situation (tire size, input volume, the proportion of steel wire and fiber, etc.) and the discharge situation (block rubber, rubber granules or rubber powder, the separation of steel wire and fiber).

If you just pretreat the waste tires, then a twin-shaft shredder, also known as a tire shredder, can do the job, and the price is relatively cheap. If you have an investment budget for this aspect of tire recycling, you can feel free to contact us.

Which industries can tire shredding be used in?

  1. Building materials industry. Waterproof materials, asphalt, waterproof ointment, rubber membrane, etc.
  2. Highway, high-grade road surface are required to be mixed with a certain proportion of rubber powder, which can increase the friction coefficient of automobile brakes and reduce noise.
  3. Stadium plastic runway, airstrip, golf course, gymnasium, power distribution room, computer room, accounting room, library and other noise elimination, insulation places.
  4. Sealing ring, conveyor belt, rubber tube.
  5. Shoe soles, sports shoes, home rubber flooring, become extremely popular in Europe and the United States, the western developed countries of the new environmentally friendly materials.

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