Tyre Shredding Machine for Sale Uk

Tire shredding machine for sale

Tyre shredder is a specially designed crushing equipment for tyres with large volume, thickness and hardness. It can effectively shred rubber tyres, bias tyres, radial tyres and car tyres. After shredding the tyres, it can be passed through the grinding machine equipment and ground into powder for reprocessing treatment. Tyre shredder can directly crush any steel wire tyre less than 2000mm in diameter without any prior treatment of the tyre, and for the mouth rim steel wire can be directly crushed. It greatly improves the production efficiency and saves labor at the same time.

Working Principle

The motor drives the knife plate in the crushing chamber through the transmission system, and then the tyres with outer diameter ≤Φ1200mm, which have been removed from the lips, are fed into the feeding hopper of the machine by conveyor, and the tyres enter the crushing chamber through the feeding hopper; Materials larger than 50×50(mm) are returned to the crushing chamber through the circular roller screen for cyclic crushing until the size of rubber block meets the requirements and then discharged from the crusher.

Features of Tyre Shredder

  • Ultra-low speed, large torque, 5~13 revolutions per minute.
  • Low noise, low dust.
  • Optional motor or hydraulic motor.
  • Optional integral shredding blade or assembled detachable blade for the different nature of the material.
  • Optional hydraulic forced feeding device, more efficient and fast shredding materials.
  • Double locking structure at both ends of the shaft head to ensure blade installation position and prevent axial displacement.
  • Adopt microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reversing control function.
  • 80~100 hours feeding test before shipment to ensure the reliability of the equipment.

Operation Flow of Tyre Shredding Machine

  • Before shredding, all of the tyres will be sent to the wire drawing machine and the machine will draw out all the steel wires inside of the tyres.
  • Motor driver of the tyre shredder drives hydraulic motor and then slows down through planetary gear. And then uses a strong cutting torque to cut, squeeze and roll the waste tyres or tyre pieces constantly under a normal temperature.
  • After that, the tyres will be shredded in to pieces and start to be screened. Qualified pieces will be transited out and the bigger pieces will be sent back to the cutting room to receive another round of cutting with other materials.
  • The above process will be repeated until all the qualified tyre pieces are transited out.
  • Finally you will get tyre pieces with the size of 50 × 50 mm.

How Much is a Tire Shredding Machine?

The price of the tire cord is determined by the configuration of the machine, and the configuration of the machine is based on the input condition (tire size, input amount, steel wire fiber ratio, etc.) and output condition (lumpy rubber, rubber particles or rubber powder; Material size; separation of steel wire and fiber; dust removal and environmental protection function).

If it is only the pretreatment of waste tires, then a dual-shaft shredder, that is, a tire shredder can also be made, and the price is relatively cheap. On-site inspection of the equipment of various companies is an important basis for investment. If you have an investment budget in this area, please feel free to contact us!

For more information about the various stages of tire shredding, check out Harvest tire recycling systems. Our experts can help you figure out the right equipment for you, no matter what type of tire shredding you are interested in.

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