Tyre Shredder Machine Price in India

If you want to recycle tyres, especially oil car tires, you should firstly cut them in small pieces, so as to make the following processing easier. I guess you will definitely need a high working efficiency and low cost tyre shredder for sale, an important pre-treatment plant during the process of waste tyres recycling. It can shred big tyres into small pieces. It is widely used for tyre recycling plant.

Tire shredding machine for sale

Raw Materials Available for Tyre Shredder

Full-steel radial tire, semi-steel radial tire, bias tire and other various materials of 600mm-1200mm waste rubber products, including: automobile tires, tractor tires, aircraft tires, trolley tires, bicycle tires, etc.

Application of Recycled Tires

  • Sports venue laying: runway, school sports field, swimming pool and garden trails, sidewalks, bowling alleys, kindergarten sports fields and entertainment fields, tennis and basketball courts, etc.
  • Automobile industry: strips, floor mats of trains, brake disc ribbons, floors of cars and trucks, brake bushings, sealing strips, buffers, shock absorbers, etc.
  • Construction/Equipment: Adhesives, sealants, medical equipment, insulating rubber materials, carpet liners, waste brake surfaces, molded products, etc.
  • Civil engineering/Asphalt: drainage pipes, filters, soil conditioning, pavement covering, horse racing tracks, railway crossings, etc.
  • Production of recycled rubber: used to produce various rubber products.
  • Oil/gas industry: for pyrolyzing to fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas by related Beston pyrolysis plant.

Rubber powder plant output contains steel, fiber and clean rubber powder. Processors are able to sell to buyers or continue processing for additional material outputs.

How profitable is tire recycling business?

What is tire recycling? Tire recycling can be used to recover valuable materials from scrap tires in an environmentally friendly way to solve the following problems: a) solve the problem of large amount of waste tires accumulating, b) make a profit by selling the materials to rubber product manufacturers or ...
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How to Dispose of Old Tires?

Ways to dispose of your tires Take Them to Play Parks, Sports Clubs, Or ZoosDon't throw old tires into landfills or incinerators. Instead, you can take them to the amusement park, sports club and zoo around you. For example, monkeys, big cats and other animals find tires to be perfect ...
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What is rubber powder used for?

Nowadays, there are more and more scrap tires, and how to use these scrap tires has become an urgent problem. Processing waste tires into tire rubber powder is an important way to recycling waste tires. Different production methods produce tire rubber powder with different fineness and different application fields. 5-10 ...
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Tyre Recycling Machine Price

With the wide application of rubber crumbs, more and more people hope to engage in waste tire recycling and turn it into a useful resource. A tire recycling plant should be your first consideration when buying equipment. Harvest Machinery is the best supplier of used tyre recycling machines. We have ...
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Used tire shredder machine for sale

Get Price Now! What is a tire shredder? Tire shredder is a twin-shaft shredder, it is for large tires, large quantities of tire shredding processing equipment, tire shredder applications for all tires, wire tires, steel wire tires (radial tires) and a variety of waste rubber products, shredding after the formation ...
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