Tyre Recycling Machine Price

With the wide application of rubber crumbs, more and more people hope to engage in waste tire recycling and turn it into a useful resource. A tire recycling plant should be your first consideration when buying equipment.

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How Much Does a Tyre Recycling Machine?

How much is a set of tire recycling equipment? This is the question most customers ask. Overall, the price will be different with different products, treatment methods, daily processing capacity and configuration of used tire production line.

Factors affecting the price of tire recycling equipment:

  • The material to be broken, including size, containing ingredients, etc
  • Production requirements, how many tons of crushing output per hour should be achieved?
  • The size of crushing discharge, crushing material size requirements.

What Is The Application of Used Tyres?

Recycling of used tires after smashing has become a new industry hotspot and development trend.
The following product applications are for your reference:

  1. 8-20 mesh, mainly used for runways, road cushions, sports pavements, etc.
  2. 30-40 mesh, mainly used for reclaimed rubber, paving, producing rubber sheets
  3. 40-60 mesh, mainly used for rubber rubber filling, plastic modification
  4. 60-80 mesh, mainly used in automobile tires, rubber products, building materials

Working Process Flow of Tyre recycling

  1. Conveyor: Transport the tire to the shredder;
  2. Double shaft shredder: Shears the tire into 5-10 cm blocks;
  3. Recirculation system: To control the size of shreds going to the rasper;
  4. Rasper: Reduce the shreds into 15-20 mm chips and liberates steel from the rubber;
  5. Over belt magnet: Separation of liberated steel from the rubber chips;
  6. Vibratory feeder: Transports the rubber chips;
  7. Granulator: Size reduction of the chips to 1-4 mm granules and liberates the textile fraction to air flow separation.
  8. Vibratory screen: Sorts the granules by size and removes the majority of textile;
  9. Classifer: Removal of remaining textile;
  10. Drum magnet: Removal of remaining steel fines.

Main Machines Used in Tyre Recycling Plant

Tyre Shredder Machine
Tyre shredder prices are an amalgamation of cutting machines and crushing machines which cut or crush material based on their shear strength. The tire shredder prices undergo strict trials for their quality and durability which ensure that they give standard finesse. The machine consists of rack, cavity, motor, hydraulic coupling, reducer, a group of moving blades, two sets of blades, screen, hydraulic system.

Rubber Tyre Granulator
Tyre granule machine turns the input material into rubber crumb. It’s a high speed, single shaft granulator for efficient size reduction, which is ideal for processing a wide variety of materials like plastic, rubber, copper cable and aluminum scrap.

Rubber Milling Machine
Rubber milling machine is used in waste tire recycling plant to grind tire rubber particles into 30-120 mesh mesh rubber powder at normal temperature. Compact structure, low power consumption.

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