Survival tips for working at home with your kids

Working from home has become increasingly common and you may have done it yourself recently, with your kids around. So how do you stay productive and clear-headed when you have multiple daily distractions? Here are a few ideas:

1. Determine a specific workspace

Preferably an office, desk or dining room table. That establishes that when you’re in that space, you’re out of reach of interruptions.

2. Create a daily schedule

Have a plan so the kids know what’s going to happen and so there’s a sense of routine. Set times for lunch, breaks and the end of the day and consider a reward if they behave well, for example, offer to play with them or watch a movie together.

3. Plan your day

You need to concentrate on your work, so find ways to help keep your children entertained. Puzzles, games and books are great and allow a degree of isolation when you need it. Do what you can to help them avoid the boredom that can lead to more interruptions.

4. Remember that kids are kids

They will get bored, frustrated and break the rules from time to time, but try to remain patient and keep a cool head. When silence is crucial, explain how important it is, what justifies an interruption, and what consequences they may face if they create an unnecessary interruption.

Working from home with your kids CAN work, and luckily, it’s not a permanent issue – prioritize creating a plan, designating personal space and setting boundaries, and set yourself up for success!

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