6 infallible tips for Job search

The first months of the year are usually a period when many job movements take place. Whether it’s due to a company’s decision to leave or a personal decision to seek new challenges, this is a period when the job search proliferates strongly.

And although the Covid-19 pandemic persists, the labor world shows signs of reactivation, generating new possibilities to turn towards new projects and objectives. However, finding a new job is not just a matter of wishing for it. To set your career on a more satisfying path, you have to work. To help you find a job that matches your skills, experience and interests, our specialists recommend these six tips for an active and successful search:

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

How long has it been since you’ve updated your resume? A common mistake many people make is to revise their resume when an interesting job opportunity arises. The first problem is that this prevents you from applying for the position immediately. And in a globalized and digitalized world, that lost time can make the difference between applying on time or being overtaken by your competitors.

In parallel, review your LinkedIn profile so that it reflects your most recent professional achievements. Don’t forget that your profile is your online resume, and many companies and recruiters are looking for candidates on LinkedIn.

Strengthen your skills

The goal of landing a new job involves stiff competition with other professionals who are just as talented as you are. For that reason, developing new skills or taking a course can go a long way in helping you stand out as a candidate.

Understanding what your area needs is fundamental to find a new job and project your career. The tagline needs to be along the same lines as what hiring managers will ask you, “How can you add value to the organization?”

Prioritize job satisfaction

Another tip to consider in your job search is to evaluate your personal goals and aspirations to determine exactly what you want to pursue.

Maybe you’d like to work in a different industry. Perhaps you aspire to take on a more fulfilling role with greater responsibility or a remote job with flexible hours. Formulate a clear idea of what you’re looking for, so you can better focus your search.

Watch out for social media

While you assume that potential employers will review your LinkedIn profile, many also look at who you are and what you do on other social networks to try to form a more complete picture of you.

Consider how you portray yourself in the virtual world and make sure all information is up to date and accurate. If there is anything you prefer to keep on a more personal level, such as family photos or other items, review your privacy settings.

Expand your professional network

Your former and current colleagues, bosses and other contacts can be critical to achieving your job search goals. However, personal contact has been severely curtailed by the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, giving way to virtual relationships.

For this reason, the work of maintaining and expanding your professional network should be strategic and focus, for example, on communication via LinkedIn. On this platform you can ask for recommendations from colleagues, mentors and friends. Another alternative is to participate in virtual events organized by professional organizations, universities or other groups relevant to your profession or industry.

Don’t give up

Recruiting professionals is a demanding exercise and companies strive to recruit the best talent available. In the face of stiff competition, and even if you are a strong candidate, this process can take time.

The suggestion then is to keep in touch with whoever is in charge of the hiring process. Also, persist in applying to other options of your interest and keep your participation and interaction active in your social networks for professional purposes.

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