Can temp work be an option for your career

As the labor market recovers from the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many professionals are actively seeking employment. However, many aspects related to the work environment are changing and one of them is related to temporary work opportunities.

Many companies have had to modify their plans. In some cases, they had to resort to downsizing, but now that the air of recovery is returning, they are open to hiring professionals. However, there are not few opportunities that are being given to temporary work, which today should be seen as a real option to boost your career from a perspective that was not very common before.

A world of benefits

Faced with the need to maintain business continuity, there is an increased demand for specific technical and analytical skills under temporary hires. And there are a number of benefits among which we highlight:

  • Fulfilling assignments that allow you to test, hone and develop skills that increase your professional expertise.
  • Interaction with a diverse set of professionals, essential to build strong networks.
  • Financial freedom that allows you to manage your career development strategy from the perspective of working and generating income.
  • Flexible schedule that allows you to have more free time.

Breaking myths

On the other hand, there are a number of misconceptions when it comes to temporary work. According to them, this type of work is:

  • It is low level – Temporary work has evolved and companies have discovered that they can easily access highly trained professionals who provide expertise for immediate and long-term projects. In addition, it is a modality that opens doors for professionals to catapult their careers within an organization.
  • It reduces the possibility of being hired – On the contrary, many companies consider temporary work as a way to evaluate a professional’s skills and adaptation to the company’s culture so that they can later assume full-time positions.
  • It is short-term, sporadic and poorly paid – Although part-time means fewer hours of work, it all depends on the size of the project or position. In terms of duration, these opportunities may consider weeks or even months and their pay level is proportionally as consistent as full-time work.
  • You can’t put a temp job on your resume – Today, temp work is viewed by hiring managers from another dimension. As the concept has gained traction in the working world, it is seen as a valuable way to gain experience and enhance a professional’s skills.
  • Does not allow for the development of new skills – As just discussed, temporary work can provide high-level challenges from which professionals undoubtedly benefit by acquiring greater knowledge and skills to meet increasingly demanding challenges.
  • They hinder the job search – That story that you can’t look for a job because you are working and don’t have time is a thing of the past. Even more so if it is a temporary assignment. You just need to organize your time better and plan your search during free times in the morning, evening or even during your lunch break. In addition, a temporary job allows you to be visible for when a position is created in the company where you already work. Or someone in your new network could recommend you if a new opportunity arises.

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