How to start a cardboard recycling business

If you want to make money, you can start your own carton recycling business. Just make sure you give the time, effort, determination, and perseverance to successfully manage the business.

Today rate are are high, many of which are used by the food industry to package products. Because of this, cardboard is the largest source of waste in our community. Fortunately, cardboard can be recycled and can become a good opportunity to start a business.

But before you start things, there are some things you need to understand cardboard. Not all cardboard can be recycled because some are used to package food. You have to know the type of product using cardboard packaging. Some cardboard is treated with chemicals containing cellulose fibers. Although this cardboard can be recycled through the process of soaking and mixing to release the fibers, this can be done several times to reverse and remove the chemicals from the cardboard.

But before that, you need to classify the different waste items that need to be handled. Color coding can help identify each waste, such as placing newspapers in black boxes, cardboard in white boxes, and other waste in other colors. This way, you can easily identify the waste that can be recycled, and those that need to undergo some treatment before recycling.

After learning about recycling, you might want to start doing a cardboard box recycling business. This business can give you a good opportunity to make money while also helping to have a clean environment.

You can start with looking for places to collect cardboard, according to, most of American food is packaged in cardboard. You can ask the different offices to learn how they deal with their shipping boxes and other supplies. Ask the office manager about their cardboard waste and begin making contracts with them to collect their cardboard waste for recycling.

After getting a list of offices that you can collect cardboard, you can now look for recycling centers that pay for cardboard. There are several recycling cardboard companies where you can search their numbers on yellow pages, or do an online survey and get in touch.

Now that you have a list of recycling centers in your area, you may need to check the distance of each center to see how much the cost of shipping cardboard material is. Note the gasoline mileage to calculate how much it will cost you and whether it is economical enough to transport cardboard material. In each process of the business, make sure to make a list of costs so that you can know if you make a profit in the cardboard box recycling business.

Look for vehicles that transport cardboard; you need to have enough wisdom when choosing how to transport cardboard. Large trucks can carry more cargo, but are more expensive in consuming gasoline. Take the time to search for the trucks you can use and compare each truck to understand which truck is the most effective and economical. You may want to start with using small trucks and once you master every aspect of turning to the cardboard box recycling business.

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