How to recover from a bad day at work

Have you ever had one of those days at the office when nothing seems to go right, and neither are you. You overslept or didn’t get enough rest, there’s no time for coffee or your shirt just turned inside out, or you tried your best to deliver a good report and your boss didn’t like it… If you’re having a bad day at work, here are some tips to turn things around.

1. Have a cup of tea… Outside

According to a study by University College London, tea reduces stress and helps you feel more alert and energetic. In addition, a greater effect is achieved if taken outdoors. This simple action can improve your mood.

2. Stretch

Instead of raging and arguing at your desk, go for a walk, it will help clear your head. In case you don’t have time, stretching at your desk can also be good for improving circulation and flexibility. Doing so will relieve muscles that become tense with stress.

3. Tune in

Sometimes, a distraction can serve an end goal. Studies show that music can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve mood. Put on your favorite playlist in case it’s in an email, it can help distract you.

4. Clean your desk

Clutter isn’t necessarily the reason for a bad day, but cleaning up can help work off negative energy. Plus, you’ll feel more organized and focused when you get rid of the mountains of papers on your desk.

5. Write it down

Write down what you did to make your day bad, but don’t look at it until you get home. Then, you can laugh about it or find a solution to the problem.

6. Reach out to

Call someone who is interested in taking a break and clearing your head. The conversation doesn’t need to be about how bad the day has been. Focus on something outside of work for a few moments while listening to a voice from a family member or friend.

7. Change your focus

If getting bogged down with a certain project is causing your bad day at work, change it. Stopping for a while, working on something else and getting back on task can often help you do the former better.

A bad day at work doesn’t last a lifetime. Just remember, everyone has days when things don’t go well at the office. What most people remember at the end of the day is how to overcome these challenges and stresses.

If you demonstrate positive body language and a willingness to do better next time, remember that a bad day at work won’t last, because tomorrow is always a new day.

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