How to optimize your work productivity

The work routine is marked by various aspects that can affect its development to a greater or lesser degree. However, two of them are decisive: time and productivity.

In an increasingly demanding environment, the question is how to optimize productivity. The answer lies in knowing how to maximize time by minimizing distractions and managing it efficiently. Here are some tips so that your daily work routine is well focused for that purpose.

Make a realistic to-do list

No matter how optimistic and committed you are, it is common to overestimate your capabilities and take on a greater workload than you are capable of managing. However, greater productivity means imposing a more limited number of tasks on yourself, leaving room for unforeseen situations and interruptions.

Quality versus quantity

Although the ability to do a large number of things is well regarded, it can often be counterproductive. To avoid falling into productivity problems, it is advisable to organize well what needs to be done and execute tasks with the highest possible quality.

Manage time to your advantage

We all have schedules in which we achieve our best performance. Identify the times when you are at your most productive to perform the most demanding tasks. Also, isolate yourself from distractions generated by cell phones, email, social networks and other factors that invite you to take your attention away from your workspace. If you can manage your most productive times, you can allocate the less productive hours for more mechanical tasks, such as answering emails or checking social networks.

Split up large projects

Feeling overwhelmed is a very likely possibility when dealing with large projects. To keep the situation under control and move forward as scheduled, it is advisable to break the project into smaller, more manageable tasks. In addition, each time a part is completed, there is a sense of accomplishment that keeps you motivated for what’s next.

Learn to say no

Proactivity and willingness can sometimes put us in a bind by taking on more obligations than we are capable of fulfilling. When faced with such situations, responsibility must take precedence in order to recognize our limits and know how to say no. No matter how small a task may be, it is important to be proactive. No matter how small a task may be, it can bring more problems than benefits, since by not being able to fulfill it, you put your image and reputation at risk.

Change the routine of your meetings

They are important, but you can’t waste all your time in them. Ordering and prioritizing the time you spend in business meetings can make a big difference for or against your goals, so reviewing and analyzing the time you spend in meetings is essential to optimize your productivity.

Strengthen your management

There are situations in which even though productivity is working at its best, it is not enough. To solve the issue, consider adding professionals to support your work on a temporary or permanent basis, as it may be a situation that, if handled poorly, can harm productivity. However, if it is handled correctly, it can cause a qualitative leap that marks a milestone in the company.

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