How to interact with coworkers on social networks

Interacting with co-workers on social networks for personal use, such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, can help build stronger relationships. As long as it’s done carefully, especially if you don’t want to share your intimate life with them in the same way you would with your closest friends. Learn how to cultivate a good image with those friends.

Should I accept everyone from work on social media?

It’s best to be selective. If a colleague has limited connections or few people from work in his or her network, sending a friend request may push the limits. When in doubt, let him or her make the first move online.

Is it okay to decline a friend request from a co-worker?

It’s perfectly natural to want to keep your account limited to personal use. If you want to feel comfortable, you can suggest a connection via LinkedIn, which is the appropriate social network for professional contacts. However, not everyone will welcome this option and someone may feel offended, so sometimes it may be best to accept the invitation. An alternative is to adjust the advertising settings and control the information these people can access.

I am discreet, and I consider it better to interact with people on social networks only when I need something.

Whoever takes this kind of attitude in offline life is not well seen, so why do the same on social networks? Help your online contacts, show interest in their projects and personal interests. You can discover things in common and even take advantage of that, in a good sense of the word.

How do I know if the photos or posts I have published are appropriate?

When in doubt, don’t post. Use your best judgment when you are going to publish something. It’s not necessary for everyone to know what you did the night before, whether you wore a bikini or a thong to the beach or if you got drunk with your friends. Certain matters are unprofessional, and even if you’re on a network for personal use, it speaks volumes about who you are. Remove questionable images from your profile.

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