Increase the productivity of a team during remote work

According to a recent Human Resources Benchmarking Study 2021, conducted by the business consulting firm PwC, 96% of companies consider continuing to work remotely in the event of a possible lifting of the state of emergency.

How to succeed with remote work?

1. Listen to the suggestions and ideas of all employees

The best way to encourage collaboration and creativity during remote work is to listen to everyone’s ideas.

Therefore, leaders should create spaces where people can share files, articles, links or statistics that they consider useful for their colleagues.

2. Form multidisciplinary teams

Having teams whose members have different skills or specialties allows for creative friction and maximizes productivity during remote work.

Therefore, it is recommended to form multidisciplinary teams for the development of high-impact projects.

3. Recognize and reward good work

Collaborative work can favor bonds between professionals, improve the work environment and generate commitment.

Therefore, it is important to recognize the results and performance of employees, taking into account their personal and professional expectations.

4. Creates community

When a person feels that he/she is part of a company and that his/her work is valued, he/she will be much more productive and committed to the objectives.

On the contrary, if they feel disconnected and if their opinion is not taken into account, they will work demotivated. Therefore, try to create a community during remote work.

5. Enhance communication and transparency

Collaboration in a company is based on maintaining open and transparent communication. Therefore, it is important to generate a horizontal culture, where trust and respect facilitate communication.

What else should be taken into account?

Finally, the UCAL specialist emphasizes the importance of implementing collaborative teams within organizations, whether large, medium or small.

She also considered necessary to promote the use of digital tools that facilitate and promote this dynamic, because working together will improve productivity and achieve the strategic objectives of the company.

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