How to improve the adhesion of bead wire adhesive

At present, the minimum speed of vehicles on the highway shall not be less than 60 km / h. In the process of overloading or high-speed driving, the tire bead is prone to the problem of dehollowing or bursting, and the adhesive performance between the bead steel wire rubber and steel wire is the main reason to decide whether the bead is prone to problems. So when using natural rubber and tire recycled rubber and producing cost-effective bead wire rubber, what measures should rubber products manufacturers take to solve this problem?

Use accelerator DZ

The use of natural rubber and tire recycled rubber and rubber production of bead wire rubber for outside tires generally use sulfur – accelerator system. Sub-sulfur amide accelerator DZ is easy to disperse in the rubber, with long scorching time and high operational safety, and the physical properties and dynamic properties of the rubber after vulcanization with sulfur are good, which is conducive to improving the bonding performance between rubber and brass-plated steel cord, and is suitable for bead wire rubber production and obviously improving the bonding between bead wire rubber and bead wire.

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Use fine particle carbon black

Carbon black is a common reinforcing filler in the production of rubber products, the variety of carbon black affects the adhesive properties of the rubber, theoretically the finer the carbon black particles, the better the adhesive properties of the rubber. Therefore, the smaller the carbon black particle size, the better the adhesive performance of the rubber.

It should be noted that it is difficult to disperse carbon black in the rubber material, and the poor dispersion directly affects the tensile strength, wear resistance and fatigue resistance of the bead steel wire rubber, etc., so the dispersant can be added appropriately; if it is open refining machine for rubber refining, the open refining can be changed to dense refining, and the feeding sequence and feeding amount can be adjusted appropriately, and the mixing temperature can be strictly controlled to improve the dispersion of carbon black in natural rubber/recycled rubber.

Reduce the amount of light calcium

Many tire bead steel wire rubber preparation will be filled with a lot of light calcium carbonate to reduce raw material costs, but too much calcium carbonate will lead to rubber mixing difficulties, reduce the amount of light calcium, the appropriate amount of clay, an appropriate amount of light calcium dosage can improve the steel wire surface coating, but also can effectively reduce the cost of raw materials.

When using natural rubber/recycled tire rubber to prepare tire bead steel wire rubber, you can also adjust the softening and plasticizing system, and add the right amount of viscosity enhancer if necessary to improve the adhesion between steel wire and steel wire rubber. Choose the type and amount of compounding agent in the matching system reasonably, especially the vulcanization system and reinforcement system.

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