How to Dispose of Old Tires?

Ways to dispose of your tires

Take Them to Play Parks, Sports Clubs, Or Zoos
Don’t throw old tires into landfills or incinerators. Instead, you can take them to the amusement park, sports club and zoo around you. For example, monkeys, big cats and other animals find tires to be perfect playthings in zoos.

In addition, athletes, gymnasts and military personnel also use tires for exercise. This is a good way to reuse tires. Therefore, donate them to these individuals or groups.

Upcycle Them
It’s an exciting option for those who are creative or craft, where you can do DIY projects with tires. So you can make sculptures, art and crafts out of old tires, which is a way to increase the life of your tires.

Exchange Them at Your Garage
Usually, car repair and tire installation companies can help you replace your old tires with new ones. This is very affordable and still covers a wide range of costs, including transport, storage, management and contracts with waste transporters. This is definitely a worthwhile option for getting rid of old tires.

Take Them to Your Local Recycling Center
You can take the tires to your home recycling center, but check with your local council first.
There may be a limit to the number of tires you can take with you for a small fee.

Business opportunities

The final products of tire recovery are carbon black, fuel, rubber crumb, rubber powder, steel wire, etc. Recycled tires can be used in many areas, depending on the state of the tire. It is your responsibility to make your business as broad as possible and to get contacts from wherever possible.

Some of the uses of recycled tyres are:

  • Road surfacing
  • Brake pads
  • Civil engineering
  • Fuel making
  • Industrial and commercial flooring

Therefore, the opportunities found in the tire recycling business are huge and it all depends on the marketing strategy adopted. Also, price it in such a way that you keep a very substantial amount of money in addition to paying the costs incurred.

Complete Line for Tyre Recycling Business

Tire Recycling Plant For Rubber Granules/Rubber Powder Making

Harvest Machinery offers a complete line of tire shredders and recycling equipment, which are designed to process scrap tires for recycling and reuse in a variety of applications.

With years of experience developing equipment that provides high quality rubber from scrap tires, Harvest tire recycling machine provide cost-effective options for making rubber granulated or rubber powdered from waste tires.

The 6 main dangers of used tires

  • They are a favorite breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can be carriers of the virus.
  • Tires can be home to rodents, snakes, lice, and other potential disease vectors.
  • They catch fire easily, can burn for months, and are almost impossible to extinguish.
  • The tires take up a lot of space, leading to illegal dumping in other areas, often in woods and rivers.
  • Piles of used rubber can cause injury or death to workers: tires can roll over and fall on people.
  • If rubber is put into the ground, it can contaminate groundwater with toxins, with dramatic consequences.
  • Tires can trap methane gas, making them dangerous for buoyancy or hitting the ground.

The scrap rate for tires is 1.1 tires per person per year, or about 300 million tires per year. Most tires go to landfills, so recycling is essential to eliminate these dangers.

We are one of the professional manufacturers of tire recycling equipment in China. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying tire recycling machine and complete waste tire rubber powder production plants.

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