How to start e waste recycling business

I am sure that in your house you have at least one electronic device lying somewhere that you no longer use, after all, cell phones, computers, televisions, printers and other devices, are always evolving and the new that is coming out, displaces the previous version, which ends up going to the trash. But the big problem is that they are usually discarded in the wrong places and this greatly harms the environment.

How does an e-waste collection business work?

The business deals only with the collection and sorting of electronic waste, and then selling such waste to companies responsible for recycling. Therefore, it does not directly transform the waste into new products or that can be used for other purposes. So the business can be defined, as an intermediary between the person who wants to give a better destination to their electronic waste and the recycling company.

Generally, companies that collect e-waste or e-waste, sign alliances with several companies to collect their produced e-waste. In addition, these companies also receive products from ordinary people who want to deposit their waste in the right place. Another option that also works well is the collaboration with scrap metal dealers, who usually collect this type of waste from the streets and dumpsters.

Then, the production process in the company is simple: First you will receive the e-waste or go directly to local collection, disassemble the electronic equipment, make the separation of products by category (plastic, aluminum and plates), and then simply pack and send to the companies responsible for direct recycling. In many cases, the collection companies grind the product to facilitate the sale, as in the case of plastic and electronic circuits.

Location for an e-waste collection company

Usually the best places to install a business of this type are in industrial areas or on the edge of highways. All this because in these places it is much easier the circulation of vehicles for loading and unloading of products.

With an average space of about 500 m² you can already set up a small e-waste collection company. This location will be the reception area of the products, a dismantling and sorting room, stock of separated and already packed products, restrooms, changing rooms and an administration office.

How to set up an electronic waste collection company

To have a good internal structure, you will have to buy some working equipment for your collection company. Among the main equipment is the grinder, scale, conveyor, a shredder, press, unscrewing machine and more. Also hire employees who will be responsible for dismantling these electronics, sorting, grinding, storing and more. On average, you will need to have between 3 and 10 employees for a small company.

An e-waste collection company have a very big awareness raising role in the regional market, after all, you have to encourage people to dispose of their e-waste in the right places and as long as it is clear that your company cares about the environment and can help these people in the proper disposal of this waste.

As much as your company is just a mediator in this process, you need to be fully formalized to work with e-waste collection. So the recommendation is to look for an accountant and check what are the requirements to legalize your new business, obtaining an operating license, permits, etc. You also need to obtain an environmental operating license.

Investing in an e-waste collection company

As you may have noticed, most of your initial investment will be for the structure and equipment. However, you will still need to buy a vehicle for transporting the products in your region and depending on the amount of tons of garbage collected, you will also need to buy a forklift.

According to those already operating in the field, with about $ 15 thousand, you can open a small e-waste collection company, focused only on disassembly, sorting and sale of collected waste. For a larger company, which has a mill, shredder, presses and other equipment, the investment is likely to exceed $ 80 thousand.

Selling collected e-waste

But after all, how to sell the e-waste collected by my company? This is a doubt of many of those who are thinking of setting up an e-waste collection company today, but this market is so big that it already connects to companies all over the world. Many collectors sell their products, after sorting, to recycling companies in Europe or Canada. Especially the electronic boards, which are the most sought after because they contain many metals.

The plastic from electronic devices in turn, can be selected and sold in your city, to plastic recycling companies. The product is shredded, taking the devices to the extruder machine, which melts the plastic and gives a new shape to it, which will then be sold to other companies that will use it to create new products.

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