How to develop creativity in organizations?

Creativity is the way to generate new, more and better ideas, and that these are put in value to create the future. Creativity is a capacity that all human beings have and we can develop it at different levels. To awaken it, we need to have the appropriate environment and conditions.

Why is it so valued in organizations?

Because creativity allows us to form work groups with people who can adapt to different situations and find original solutions to the problems that arise, he said.

A creative mindset is always ready to find new ways of approaching a problem, to generate new ideas and to see things from other points of view, she noted.

The specialist shared some tips to develop creative capacity:

  1. Create an environment that allows for multiple and novel answers. But for that, it is necessary to ask powerful and questioning questions.
  2. Break beliefs and mental schemes. Such as fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of the unknown. This is also important to develop creativity!
  3. Develop creative processes. That allow experimenting, testing and trying and then, converge results.
  4. Change routines. In order to generate questions that question the change.
  5. Promote diversity in work teams.
  6. Promote education programs. That integrate lifelong learning into their philosophy.
  7. Provide time to think and imagine. That is to say, to have “leisure” time to incubate and mature ideas. This also contributes to creativity. In fact, when people are asked where they come up with their best ideas, they say it is in places and during times of relaxation.
  1. Invite people from outside the organization or group to bring fresh perspectives.
  2. Allow “serious play” where humor and fun promote creative solutions.
  3. Train the team in tools to think differently and “outside the box”.
  4. Include challenges and active participation to the work teams.
  5. Encourage autonomy and freedom.
  6. To offer an environment of trust and security.
  7. Encourage the entrepreneurial spirit within organizations.

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