How to create a successful team?

As you take on the role of leader, your responsibility will be to sow the seeds of success in your team. That means having professionals in the right positions and nurturing them with the resources they need to grow. Here are eight tips on how to build a successful team. They will help you get the best out of your team, both individually and collectively.

1. Encourage ideas

In a high-performing team, employees should be free to follow their creative instincts and be encouraged to find innovative solutions to existing problems.

2. Promote collaboration

Your team members should communicate with each other, share ideas and use their individual skills and knowledge to make a valuable contribution to the team as a whole. Ensure that everyone has the opportunity to speak, not just those in the most senior positions.

3. Delegate responsibilities

It is important to give employees the opportunity to take on new roles and responsibilities, allowing them to gain experience and develop their skills.

4. Provide feedback

Let employees know how they are performing. If they are performing well, encourage them to continue to do so. If there are issues that require more work, offer constructive advice.

5. Be flexible

To help employees perform to the best of their abilities or maximize their productivity levels, be flexible. Sometimes the team may need to work differentiated schedules or on a home office basis. Focus on the end results, not the means to achieve them.

6. Be accessible

When team members need advice or support, make yourself available. Make sure they know they can turn to you at any time when they have a problem. If staff members make a mistake, take pressure off them by taking or sharing responsibility.

7. Support development

When subordinates need to learn about new techniques and processes, ensure they have access to mentoring and coaching. Make sure they have a strategic plan for their career and are working toward their career goals. Support their development whenever possible.

8. Recognize their success

Recognize when an employee executes a task well. If the team achieved a great result, congratulate everyone. This helps build team spirit and encourages a happier and more productive work environment. You can’t have a high-performing team if staff members are unhappy and constantly looking for other opportunities in the marketplace.

If you have a high turnover rate, staff morale and productivity tend to be low. Your job as a manager is to keep employees with a twinkle in their eye. Engaged and happy employees, who are properly compensated and supported in their career development, tend to stay with the company longer and bring more results for the organization.

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