5 Mistakes Bosses Make

Even the leader with the best intentions is not exempt from making a mistake. This is completely understandable, since mistakes are inherent to human beings. However, whoever is in charge of a team has the duty to know how to handle it and always evolve in their attitudes. We have made a list of the five most common mistakes made by managers, and how to solve them.

1. Assigning the same task to more than one collaborator

Generally, it happens because the executive forgets that he/she has already asked someone else to do it and ends up requesting the same thing to a second person. This generates discomfort, because, in addition to the time and energy wasted, the one who received the task first feels that he/she is not valued in his/her functions. Write down what you ask of each person on the team. If you make a mistake like this, apologize for it and try not to make the same mistake again.

2. Criticizing one employee in the presence of another

It makes no sense and is one of the most undesirable things a manager can do. Besides causing discomfort in one of the parties -especially if it has nothing to do with the situation- it can produce rumors, something unhealthy in a corporate environment. If a subordinate presents problems, talk to him or her in person and behind closed doors.

3. Ignoring important team contributions, but criticizing small mistakes that have no impact on results

If an employee works three days late in a row to finish a project, and then makes an unintentional mistake in a presentation, he should not be reprimanded for it. Your role is to guide and monitor the team, maybe you are demanding too much, and in that case, the mistake is not theirs, but yours.

4. Showing support for the team in theory, but not defending it to management in practice

A good leader must be well aligned with his subordinates, ready to negotiate their needs and protect them. Of course, it will not always be possible to assert your voice, but you must make it clear that you are fighting for them. It’s no good saying, for example: “I don’t make decisions, I just execute them”. Find your voice and use it!

5. There are bosses who do not thank the team or recognize a job well done

Saying “thank you” or praising your employees does not mean that you are good or too condescending. On the contrary, workers feel motivated and the team becomes more united. How about saying thank you now?

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